Introducing NLA’s new ‘Title Search’ tool

If you’ve been browsing our website lately, you may have noticed a new feature in our navigation bar labelled ‘Title Search’. We’re delighted to (formally) introduce you to this new too

Step 1/3: Visit NLA’s new Title Search webpage

Title Search is a new tool from NLA media access that allows users to check which titles (print and online) are available under NLA licences. The search function provides all the information you need during a licence purchase to make sure you get the copyright permissions you require for your business.

NLA is pleased to debut this new service as part of our ongoing efforts to simplify the licence purchase and renewal process. To use, all you need to do is to enter a title in the search bar and select the relevant publication from the results. Step 2/3: Enter a title in the search bar to produce a shortlist of publications to choose from

You will then be shown further details about the publisher of this title, which licences cover this title, and the type of usage available (such as creating digital copies).

 Step 3/3: Licensing details for the chosen publication can then be viewed

NLA media access covers an extensive range of publications, including:

●      Print newspapers: National, plus more than 1,400 regional and foreign titles

●      Many print magazines, including specialist titles

●      Digital newspaper and magazine websites

By purchasing an NLA licence, not only are you complying with copyright law, but you are also supporting journalism. Since its inception in 1996, NLA has returned over £196million to publishers from licensing.

To try out the Title Search Tool for yourself and check you have the right licence for your most read and copied publications please visit: