Our Licences

NLA media access provides a variety of licensing solutions to help you respect the rights of copyright holders. We will simplify your copyright management process and ensure you are fully covered.

We will work with you to identify the licence that best suits your needs and our annual service review will ensure that your compliance solution evolves with your business.

If you occasionally copy from titles within the NLA media access portfolio and are applying for either a Business, Charity, Education Establishment or Professional Partnership licence then you can apply for a licence online.

If you are a business, charity, educational establishment or professional partnership and frequently copy or maybe you want to host articles on your corporate website (Corporate Website Republishing licence) or receive paid-for newspaper web content from a supplier (Web End User licence) then you will need to complete one of our interactive application forms from the relevant licence section.

Terms and Conditions

Find and download the terms and conditions of our licences

We offer the following licenses to cover your copying:

What we cover

NLA media access covers an extensive range of publications, including newspapers, covering the nationals, over 1,400 regional and foreign titles and newspaper and magazine websites .