International Media Monitoring Organisation Licence (IMMO)

The requirement to provide clients with an extensive range of domestic and international news is increasing and can be difficult to cater for. Representing a number of marquee newspaper brands, the NLA is very keen to make the fulfilment of this requirement as simple as possible for International Media Monitoring Organisations wishing to provide UK content.

NLA recognises that interagency supply is the most common method of international content provision and, with this in mind, the NLA International Media Monitoring Organisation (IMMO) Licence is designed to be a quick and easy way to cover International agencies for UK content receipt and supply from licensed providers or directly from NLA.

In summary, the IMMO licence offers agencies:

Easy delivery

Allows receipt of paper, web, scanned, and digital content from an NLA licensed provider for the entire NLA repertoire
This content can then be delivered to clients featured in the UK press
All print and web sources licensed by the NLA are covered by the IMMO Licences. The sources covered can be found in the ‘UK Titles covered by IMMO’ document below. 
All non-UK print and web sources licenced by the NLA and covered in the IMMO can be found in the ‘IMMO Non-UK titles covered’ document below.
IMMO also offers a direct feed from NLA for the major NLA titles.

More information…

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IMMO Contract
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