Helping schools get the news they need with the NLA Schools Licence

NLA media access is dedicated to supporting journalism. Our efforts however are not just in the form of returning licensing revenue back to publishers.

Newspapers For Schools

As children around the UK prepare to go back to school, the summer break is also over for NLA’s News Library. Our online database of more than 150 national and regional newspapers is a free service that allows thousands of teachers to search, filter and access pdf news articles (dating back as far as 2006) for use in lessons.

From English lessons on writing the perfect exposé to science classes discussing the latest medical breakthroughs; newspapers play a key role in education.

Understanding the importance of news media and its role in democracy can also be the inspiration for the next generation of journalists.  Something NLA supports though the training of new journalists through the Journalism Diversity Fund.

 NLA has also developed the NLA Schools Licence which allows the photocopying, printing, scanning and use of newspapers and online news extracts for teaching purposes. These licences are purchased centrally by the Department for Education, for state funded schools in England, and at regional authority level for most state funded schools in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This combination of access to and the necessary rights  to access newspapers allows young minds to be exposed to and inspired by the high quality journalism the UK media is famous for.