About NLA Media Access

Who we are

NLA Media Access is a publisher-owned rights licensing and publisher services business with a core aim of supporting journalism.  

We work on behalf of the UK’s newspaper and magazine publishers. We license organisations to make paper and digital copies of newspaper, magazine and news website content.

Our social responsibilities

We believe in giving something back on behalf of the industry we were set up to protect and represent.

We were instrumental in the creation of a Journalism Diversity Fund to support would-be journalists from socially and ethnically diverse backgrounds. It is vital for the industry’s sustained success that the journalists reporting the news reflect the communities in which they serve.

We supply a daily feed of text from more than 100 newspaper titles to the Royal National Institute for the Blind. The charity converts this text into accessible content for its National Talking Newspapers and Magazines Service.

All 1,150 charities licensed by NLA media access receive a discount on their licence fees -regardless of their size – worth up to £400 per year depending on their media coverage.

What we do

We manage the rights of thousands of print and web titles. We also act as a fast and effective supplier of original quality articles and online news stories to media monitoring agencies and their clients.

About copyright

Copyright protects authors of original work. It gives them the legal right to control the way their work is reproduced and to charge for permission to do so. Permission is often granted by publishers in the form of a license. 

The current copyright law in the UK is The Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988, and its amendments. The Act protects the investment of time, money and effort by people who create original pieces of work. It also makes it an offence to copy without permission.

Our code of practice

Our Code of practice outlines our service standards and commitment to licensees. It provides details of our customer service and complaints procedure.

Key promises:
  • We promise to make the process of accessing and using published content as quick, easy and economic as possible.
  • We promise that those of you using published content in a media monitoring environment, can do so safe in the knowledge that the creators of news are rewarded for re-use of their work.
  • We are committed to serving the needs of the media monitoring market and to fairness and equal treatment of all customers.

Still have questions?

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) cover the most common concerns and questions asked by our business clients and answers questions about the range of licences and services we offer.