Monitoring Agencies

NLA Media Access (NLA) grants licences to UK and International media monitoring agencies which supply content in paper and digital format to clients. The media monitoring agency (MMO) can select one, or a number of our licences depending on their client copying requirements.

If you’re looking to get an MMO licence or if you have any questions, please contact our Client Services team:

Licence options for MMOs include:

Print Database Licence
eClips (Print Database Licence)

Access to eClips service. Delivers print media content as an NLA hosted PDF and XML for keyword searching.

Fees are based on an annual subscription fee plus a per copy fee.

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Web Database Licence
eClips Web

Access to the eClips Web feed of newspaper websites and supplying links or copies to clients.

Charges based on the number of clients being supplied NLA media access web content.

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eClipsWeb Licence
Web Database Licence

Right to copy and supply in the form of links selected newspaper website material to clients.

Charges are based on the number of clients being supplied NLA media access web content.

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eClips International
International Media Monitoring Licence
and eClips Ireland

The supply of NLA represented publishers’ content outside the UK.

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Paper Licence
Paper Licence

Allows MMO to photocopy newspaper content to supply clients in the form of press packs.

Charges are on a per copy basis subject to a monthly minimum fee.

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Electronic Licence
Electronic Licence

Scanning and storing of NLA content and supply of articles via a secure portal or website.
Charged on a per copy basis based on the number of articles made available to clients.
There is also an additional scanning charge which is based on the number of clients supplied by the agency.

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A few key points…

  • Electonic and Database Licences allows MMOs and their clients 28 days of access to digitally stored content, after which time they must be deleted.
  • The Database Licence is the only way to be licensed for digital copies of NewsUK print content
  • The eClipsWeb Licence is the only way to be licensed for NewsUK web content. The Web Database Licence (WDL) does not permit scraping of News UK sites.
  • All licensed media monitoring agencies are required to provide monthly reports on content use to the NLA for end user licensing and royalty distribution purposes.