What We Do

NLA media access (NLA) manages copyright for media monitoring on behalf of publishers through a repertoire of non exclusive licences.

Our remit encompasses over 7,000 national, regional and foreign newspapers, over 1,500 magazines and 4,000 + newspaper and magazine websites.

  • We have the authority to issue licences that grant organisations the right to copy and share content, both print-edition and online, that cover all legal obligations regarding copyright. 
  • We work under the authority of the Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988, and subsequent amendments, which make it an offence to copy original content without the creator’s permission. 
  • Our licences give access permission without the need to seek approval from individual publishers and enable great value access to news content.
  • Our database system, eClips, makes it easier, faster and more efficient for media monitoring agencies to serve their customers. eClips is used by media monitoring agencies within the UK to deliver original quality press electronically in PDF format to their clients.
  • Our pay-per-use service, www.clipsearch.co.uk, provides access to the content of more than 140 newspapers, dating back to 2006. More than 40 million articles can be downloaded in exactly the same layout and design as they originally appeared in print.
  • We support key initiatives on behalf of publishers. The Journalism Diversity Fund helps students from diverse backgrounds to train as journalists and get a start in the industry.
  • We also supply the RNIB with a daily feed of text from 100+ titles so that they can optimise this content for visually impaired access through their Talking Newspaper service.