Further Information for Publishers

If you have any further questions, feel free to email [email protected]. You may also find the below links useful.

NLA’s Annual Report 2018
NLA’s Code of Conduct
Membership Rules
Guide to copying, copyright and licensing
How NLA royalties are calculated
NLA Royalties Charter
How NLA licenses UK businesses
NLA’s Publisher Mandate


Who Are the NLA

Our full name is NLA media access Ltd. The company was originally set up as the ‘Newspaper Licensing Agency’ (NLA) in 1996 by eight British national newspapers, who are equal shareholders. Since then the NLA has been selling copying licences for newspaper content, as well as providing data feeds of publisher content to Media Monitoring organisations.

In 2013, the NLA started licensing magazine content as well as newspaper content. The Professional Publishers Association (PPA) recommended the NLA to its members, and over 150 magazine publishers – over 40% of the market by value – have already signed up with the NLA