Extended & Indefinite Access

NLA media access has, following feedback from licensees, launched a new licensing option as an alternative to our current Extended Access option.  Whilst Extended Access allows users to view publisher content for up to 365 days, Indefinite Access has no time limit to how long content can be accessed for.

The new licence will allow access to all NLA content, from over 300 publishers, excluding the Financial Times, News UK titles (The Sun, The Times & Sunday Times), Boston Globe, Handelsblatt, Al Nisr Publishing (Gulf News; www.gulfnews.com), and NRC (NRC Next and NRC Handelsblad).

This covers all content from eClips titles, eClips web titles, and scanned titles, equating to 3,600 newspaper and magazine titles and over 2,100 web titles in total.

In simple terms, a licensee who wishes to add Extended Access to their coverage for up to a year will pay an additional 10% fee on top of their current licence, whilst licensees wishing to add Indefinite Access will pay an additional 30% on top of their current licence.

Users with Extended Access can continue to view content for up to 365 days from the day it is published

Users with Indefinite Access can continue to view content with no time limit, from the day it is published.

We have pulled together a set of FAQs which we hope will answer any questions you may have but please get in touch if would require more information or would like to take out Extended Access or Indefinite Access

Frequently Asked Questions