Digital press clippings – direct from publishers

eClips content is taken directly from newspapers production systems and made available to media monitoring agencies as XML for local indexing, search and evaluation work.

Clients access articles as PDF files hosted by NLA media access. eClips delivers many benefits to media monitoring agencies including; higher quality, more relevant and more timely articles.

It also removes the need for scanning which takes time, costs money and leads to degradation in images. The service meets client demand for sharper images, comprehensive national (including News UK content), regional coverage and archive rights.



A basic service that allows an MMO to search the last 7 days of content


Choose this service to receive the XML of clipped articles within minutes of publication.


Choose this service to receive both the XML and PDFs of clipped images.

Full Page

This service is very similar to eClips XML, however the content is not processed to article level. The MMO is provided the content in a similar way, but this constitutes the entire newspaper or magazine. The titles available on Full page (circa 1000) tend to be small regional titles.

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When do we get content?

Media Monitoring organisations can get content as early as 23.00 the evening before publication. NLA aims to have the first editions of National content delivered by 01.00 on day of publication.