Charity Licence

This licence is suitable for any registered charity that copies from both printed and online NLA media access publications and consists of three elements, the basic licence, frequent copying and any previous unlicensed copying.

Free for small charities

Charities with a headcount of five or fewer staff or a turnover less than £250k receive a free licence for all occasional copying. Apply for the Charity Licence below.

Discounts for other Charities

Bigger charities and those looking to copy more frequently are eligible receive a discount of £251 on our Business Licence

Further discounts are available to charities who want to place newspaper content on their corporate website. This is a flat fee discount equivalent to £149.

Charities that require the Web End User Licence for the receipt of online content as part of a paid for service receive a discount of £102 on any fixed fee.

Alternatively, any charity may find that the Simplified Licence is a preferable option for them, as it combines the rights of the Business Licence (paper, print and digital copying), and Web End User Licence (website article copying) in one licence. Simplified Licence is also free for any charity with five or fewer staff, and there is a special price list for charities with Simplified Licence too.

Apply for a Charity Licence

Ready to apply? Download our price list or the Simplified Licence charity price list.