Corporate Website Republishing Licence

Please read this section in conjunction with our price list, terms of the licence and the participating titles list.

This licence gives your organisation permission to republish articles from NLA represented newspapers and magazines to your corporate website(s) including any social media platforms. This includes headlines, text extracts and PDF files on your corporate sites without any of the hassle of contacting the individual publishers for permission.

The licence fee is based on the size of your organisation, the type of publication the article was originally published in (newspaper or magazine), and the number of articles you want to republish on your corporate website(s) and/ or social media accounts. Please note that on the interactive application you have the option to select newspapers and magazines.

For example, a micro size company applying for a licence to post 25 magazine articles would pay £955 per year. Equivalent to £38.20 per article. Please refer to the below prices for more details. Prices applicable from April 2022.

Price List

Note Newspapers & Magazines charged individually. Prices listed are annual.

Number of Articles Republished per Year Micro Company
(Up to £650k turnover)
Mini Company
(Up to £2m turnover)
Small Company
(Up to £10m turnover)
Medium Company
(Up to £50m turnover)
Large Company
(£50m+ turnover)
1 £130 £173 £198 £453 £585
Up to 5 £446 £594 £682 £1,168 £1,555
Up to 10 £678 £904 £1,038 £2,074 £2,462
Up to 25 £955 £1,272 £1,458 £3,368 £3,886
Up to 50 £1,357 £1,809 £2,074 £5,182 £5,827
Up to 100 £1,781 £2,374 £2,722 £6,218 £6,994
Up to 200 £2,333 £3,109 £3,563 £7,446 £8,417
Up to 300 £2,755 £3,673 £4,211 £8,417 £9,759
Up to 400 £3,093 £4,124 £4,728 £9,175 £10,801
Up to 500 £3,407 £4,542 £5,207 £9,759 £11,713
Please note

All use of content requires an appropriate accreditation and, if using content from a newspaper or magazine website, a link to the original website. For use outside the terms and conditions, please contact the syndication department of the respective publisher.

All UK national and regional newspapers, and the majority of NLA magazines, are covered by this licence, with the notable exception of News UK titles and the Financial Times. Content attributed to these agencies is also excluded from the licence. Full details of which publications are included can be found here.

Applying for the Corporate Website Republishing Licence

This PDF application form is interactive so it can be completed electronically, saved and returned by email.