The Simplified Licence

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of a completely new licence.  Whether you are renewing your NLA licence, or applying for a licence for the first time, you may wish to consider the Simplified Licence.

In a nutshell, the Simplified Licence provides the same cover as the current Business Licence and Web End User Licence combined.  It allows you to make and receive web, digital (e.g. scan, email, PDF) and paper copies from all the newspaper, magazine, and website titles we represent.  Plus, copying limits and user numbers are much simpler to understand.

The Simplified Licence is optional, but you may find the new licence gives you greater freedom and flexibility.  Just three factors determine the fee; level (bronze, silver, silver plus or gold), quantity (the number of unique articles copied) and staff size. 

The bronze level gives you the right to copy anything occasionally, and to receive a limited web media monitoring service.  The silver level covers you for any type of regular or frequent copying practices for up to 1% of staff, and to send content to an external recipient.  Silver plus and gold levels allow for increased numbers of recipients both internally and externally.  It’s very straightforward.

To find out more visit the relevant licensing section of our website here. Whether you are looking for your first licence or you’re about to renew, we’ll give you costs to compare, and answer any questions.  Then you can choose the licence that works best for you.