Web End User Licence

Please read this section in conjunction with our price list and the terms of the licence

Publishers invest heavily in the creation of online content, up to 61% of which is exclusive to the web and not published in print. Newspaper websites are a valuable resource for news aggregators, media monitoring companies and their clients.

NLA media access supports the business use of publisher content and has introduced the Web End User Licence to encourage legitimate use of this content. These developments ensure that publishers continue to earn a fair reward for the commercial use of their intellectual property.

If you are a client of a media monitoring service provider and receive news alerts and links to online newspaper articles, then a licence from us will give you the permission needed to receive and access copyrighted online content.

Applying for the Web End User Licence

The application form is an interactive PDF, which means you can type directly onto the form, save (button located at foot of the form) and email back to us. 

If you are an existing licensees then you will need an addition to your licence to cover the receipt of web links. This will be arranged for you at the time of your licence renewal.

However please note that charges will be backdated to cover your use of web monitoring services from when charging was officially introduced on January 1 2010.

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New to NLA Licences?

If you receive web links from Media Monitoring Organisations and do not already have an NLA Licence

<a href="https://www.nlamediaaccess.com/uploads/public/Web%20End%20User%20Licence%20Existing%20Licensees%20Price%20List%202019.pdf">Already have an NLA license?</a>
Already have an NLA license?

If you already hold an NLA Licence, such as the Business Licence, you are eligible for this pricing

<a href="https://www.nlamediaaccess.com/uploads/public/Interactive%20Web%20End%20User%20Licence.pdf">Ready to apply for the WEUL? </a>
Ready to apply for the WEUL?

Make sure to review the appropriate price list and use it to help fill in the application form.