How the NLA can help Publishers during the COVID-19 emergency

At this difficult time, we recognise that, like every business, publishers are facing unique challenges as they focus on keeping their readers informed on the latest news, while still ensuring the safety of their people and the continuity of their operations.

NLA wants to continue to play its part.

Supporting publishers

NLA media access is owned by and represents publishers. Our job as a Collective Licensing Organisation is to collect revenues on your behalf. Collective licensing protects and complements your primary business revenues and is an effective and efficient mechanism for licensing analogue and digital copying of your publications.

Our remit encompasses over 3,600 newspaper and magazine titles and 2,300 web titles. We currently license over 200,000 businesses and organisations ranging from large government bodies, PLCs, and limited companies to partnerships and public relations agencies.

Over 80 per cent of the revenue we generate flows back to publishers – £41million in 2019.

Maximising revenues

We love to work with publishers to increase their revenues from their copyright material.

You can ensure you always get the maximum royalty due by keeping us informed of any title changes, sales or acquisitions.

You can also grow revenues by adding your titles to our eClips or eClipsWeb services– it helps our key clients – the Media Monitoring Organisations – discover keywords, leading to more articles copied and more revenues earned.

We can also save publishers money in a number of other ways: just get in touch.

Operating efficiently

As a publisher-owned organisation, with a board consisting of publisher representatives, we know all too well we have to operate as efficiently as we can.

We keep our operating costs down to below 20% of the revenues we generate and ensure that we invest prudently for future revenue growth.

Getting in touch

We are always delighted to hear from publishers with questions or requests. If we can help you, especially at this challenging time, please contact us immediately. We are here to help you.

Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.